Bridal Lounge

Call and speak to our Bridal Coordinator about bridal services for you and your bridal party for your special day. Reserve our 3rd floor bridal lounge for you and the party. Fees apply.Off site wedding services also available. Sunday’s only.



Bridal & Occasions


  • Trial Hair Design $70
  • Trial Makeup $55
  • Wedding Day Hair $70
  • Wedding Day Makeup $55
  • Bridal Party Hair Design $60
  • Formal Occasion Styling $55
  • Bridal Party Blow Out $30
  • Off Site Wedding Services also available



We hope you find St. Cyr to be a place where you feel comfortable and special. Where beauty is as much the way you feel as the way you look. And where, if all you want is everything, you'll find it here. So explore our variety of Haircare, Skincare, Nailcare, Bodycare, and Medi-Spa services.